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Correct Placement Of Objects In 3D Workspace.


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Hi, I work in the Polish company and I use PVSOL Premium 2016 (R4).


I have a problem with correct placement of objects in 3D workspace.


I mean mutual arrangement of buildings, trees, etc. on the workspace in order to arrange them according to reality – mutual position and distance.


The only way I have found to do it is the distance from the top of one object to the top of other object(distance x , distance y). But it works correctly only when you do not change the angle of the object. So you can place correctly all the objects assuming that all are facing south(180’).

If you change the angle of one object the distance from top method do not work correctly or I do not know how to do it. This is because coordinate axes remain unchanged in lines S-N W-E. So you cannot just enter distance in the way (x + 10m , y + 5m for example) because the distances become a diagonal relative to the coordinate system. It’s even hard to determine them mathematically because a have not found an option to read the object top coordinates (x,y).


If there were an option to change the position (angle) of the whole horizon, then you could place all the objects first and finally change the horizon angle in order to get the correct horizontal angles of all the objects. I didn’t find such option. Is there option like I described ?


Please advice me what to do, because this is very annoying, or if there is no method to do it, please do an update – I propose.


I will be very grateful for your help, advice.


I attach an illustration of this problem :






             Bartłomiej S.





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Dear Bartłomiej,


what you could do is the following: Design and place all your buildings and obstacles without rotation on an 'open area' which you can find under 'Terrain View'. After you have placed all your objects and buildings, you can just rotate the open area and all your measures will remain correct.


See here, a smokestack that is placed 5m to the right and 5m to the top from the upper corner of the building:

Forum 3D Placement 1.png


View from south:

Forum 3D Placement 2.png


In the next step, you just rotate the open area (right clik on it -> Edit)

Forum 3D Placement 3.png


Hope that will do the trick,


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