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From Grid Tariffs In Pv Sol Premium


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The from-grid tariff facility in new PV*SOL Premium 2016 is too simple to be truly useful.  It is becoming increasingly important when we model PV systems to calculate the potential savings on customer's billed usage. Most of our commercial customers are on time-of-use metering and in the previous PV*SOL Expert we could easily input these tariffs.  


I feel like the software has been impaired by removing this functionality.  Are there any plans to reintroduce this feature?


Now we are designing storage solutions, and this can have an even bigger impact on the sizing and cost-effectiveness projections.  With the tariff data we could also predict good charging strategies for battery systems and interpret this information when configuring the charge controller.


Also, am I right that there is now no way to import and export individual database entries between copies of PV*SOL Premium?  In PV*SOL Expert we would update our library of product, tariff or consumption profiles onto our 4 licensed computers to ensure all our systems were all in sync and reduce data entry time.  Is this facility available any other way?

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Dear sunlightfuture,


you're absolutely right that it gets more and more important to calculate with flexible consumption tariffs. Right now, we are working on an implementation of that, so it will be available in the next major release (which is due in autumn this year).


In PV*SOL premium you can import/export custom tariff or consumption profiles only via projects. That's the same procedure for all database entries by the way:

  1. You plan your project with your custom databse entries on one machine
  2. Save the project.
  3. Now, when you open that project on another machine, all new/custom database entries are automatically imported to the databases of the other machine.

Hope that helps!


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