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3 voltage efficiency data

Ajay Deepak

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Is there any plan to add three voltage efficiency data points? This will help to improve the accuracy and helps users to verify the efficiency data based on IEC 61683 certificate values.

Minimum 3 voltage efficiency testing is mandatory as per IEC. Some manufacturers also do it for 4 voltage values.

I have attached an IEC certificate for your reference.



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Hello Ajay Deepak,

Thank you for your input!

On 10/23/2022 at 6:26 AM, Ajay Deepak said:

Is there any plan to add three voltage efficiency data points?

At the moment there is no plan to add more input parameters.

I will bring this into our feature discussions. What I also can offer is a result comparison for some simulations to get a feeling for effort benefit ratio.

Kind regards,

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Hi Frederik,

Following are the main reasons/advantages of considering 3 voltage efficiency for future development.

1. Easy acceptability in the market (including lender's engineer) - Inverter manufacturers always provide efficiency values for 3 or 4 voltages. Based on this certificate, values can be verified. This is one of the basic checkpoints for the inverter section in the energy simulation.

2. Inverter manufacturers do not provide the following change in efficiency value official. So it will be very difficult to verify the accuracy by the simulation engineers.


Or PVSOL needs to provide an official tool to converter efficiency values for 3 or 4 voltages to "Change in efficiency" value.

Also, to increase transparency, efficiency values for 3 or 4 voltages can be added to the final report in tabular format. 

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