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Procedure For The User Defined Solar Pv Module


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Dear fvaldehuesa,


you can define new PV modules in the database dialogue. You can access it for example via the menu under "Databases" -> "PV Modules". In the toolbar of the dialogue there is a button called "New" which gives you the opportunity to create a new module. You can also select an existing module and duplicate it to create a copy via "Copy selection".


The part load model indeed is important, as it describes the electrical behaviour of the module in low light situations (which are often the case). If you don't have any part load information, however, you can go with the standard part load models we have implemented. That is, the two-diodes model for silicon-based modules (poly, mono) and the 'PV*SOL model' for all other kinds of modules.


Hope that helps, kind regards,


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