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Meaning of Yield Reduction due to Shading

Sonne die

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Dear all,

May this is an stupid question, but after looking for internet explanation I couldn't clear it up.

The concept of Yeal Reduction due to Shading. It is evaluated in %/year. This confuses me a little.

As example, a value of 15 %/year. Does it mean that every new year the Yeal is reducing 15 % due the Shading, so as example if the first years production is 1000 kWh, second will be 1000*0,75, third 1000*0.75*0.75, so on.. So that would be too much and it would mean that the shading would be reducing the lifetime of the plant in a shocking way.

What I find more logic is that this means that within the performance ratio, let say if this is 75%, 15 % es due to shading. So first year is 1000*0,75, second is 1000*0,75, third 1000*0,75, etc. (I'm not considering here the decrement of production due the anual wear). But the fact of be written in %/year in contrast to the PR, which is written just in % confuses me.




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Hi Sonne die,

On 9/23/2022 at 9:33 AM, Sonne die said:

Does it mean that every new year the Yeal is reducing 15 % due the Shading

No. The yield reduction due to shading is the difference between shaded simulation and unshaded simulation and gives an estimation of the shading losses. A continuous reduction of yield is caused by pv module degradation as you already pointed out.

I concur that we could use another naming in our project report and will bring this into our next meeting. Thank your for your input!

Kind regards,


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