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Carport desing for EV


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Hi again everyone,


I made a simulation for a 5-car solar parking structure and I don't know if what I've done makes sense, maybe I could use some ideas.

Basically I chose the 3D option with electric loads and EV. For the electric load I put the minimum (1kWh) as I only want to simulate the EV charging. I added the 3D model made in Sketchup and put some customized panels so the carport reaches the desired power (15,5 kWp total). I selected 5 EV from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 18pm, it's a shopping center.

I want the model to be always charging during the day (car goes out another one comes in). I don't know if I have reached that with this parameters.

Here you can check the results, do they make sense?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Esteban,

the project looks right to me, except perhaps for the time at the charging station. I am not sure that the way you have parametrized it here will represent what you intended. The way you parametrized it, you'll have five cars coming in at 8h in the morning that will start to charge immediately until they are full. Since all 5 cars only leave at 18h in the evening I'd guess that they are already fully charged around 12h and staying on the charging station for some hours in the afternoon without getting charged.

In order to have a continuous charging of electric vehicles you would have to change the time at the charging station so that there is more movement. Define the cars not all in one group but create 5 separate groups with varying time schedule. Like so perhaps

Group 1 (first car)

Group 2 (second car)


and so on..

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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