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Shade Frequency


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Hello Zahra,

it's hard pointing to a rule of thumb here.

Basically it depends on the individual case and on how the more heavily shaded modules are integrated into the strings, i.e. on the configuration.
The best way to quantify the impact for every individual case would be to simulate with and without shading objects for A/B testing and test several configurations to reveal how it affects the yield. The energy balance within the simulation results gives an estimation for possible losses.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, feel free to ask!

Kind regards,


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Hi Frederik,

thank you for your explanation. In other question and answer, I've seen that you once explained if the performance ratio of less than 60 % is considered poor, and would be better if we make it > 80%. I just made my own final concept and it shows that the yield reduction due to shading has 11,3 %/year. Is there also tolerance level of this final percentage? What is consedered good and poor?

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