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"Suggest configuration" does not find any valid inverters even though acceptable configurations exist


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Hi all,

My colleague and I are having a problem where the 'suggest configuration' and 'select configuration' options do not find any valid inverters. However, acceptable inverter configurations do exist and can be set up manually. 

We are using Solis inverters and Longi panels. 

For example, I have a configuration across 4 different rooftops, which I wish to configure together. 

The rooftops have 36, 70, 56 and 20 panels each. The panels are 450W each LR5-54 HIH 410 M. 

This can be configured using 2 no. Ginlong (Solis) Solis-36K-5G, which I have ticked in the 'inverter-selection' menu. When I configure this manually, I get green ticks against all elements. (I can't seem to  upload an image as I don't have a place to upload it to get a URL.)

Why is this configuration not appearing as an automatic selection? Manually configuring inverters on most of our jobs is possible but takes significantly more time, it would be good to have the automatic suggestions. 



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Hi Bridget,

thank you for your request!

6 hours ago, Bridget said:

Why is this configuration not appearing as an automatic selection?

Because, admittedly, we do not sort the results of our algorithm for finding suitable interconnections in descending order of the obvious ones, but rather the most suitable ones in terms of the nominal voltage of the inverters.
My guess is that in your project the most suitable combinations are found late and therefore may not get listed. There is also a time limit for the algorithm.

What I do not understand yet is the fail of our algorithm when limited to a small batch of inverters in the first place.

May I ask you to send me your project with interconnection by private message here in the forum so that I can have a look into it and so we can improve our algorithm?

Thank you in advance and kind regards,

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I think it would be of great interest to the forum and above all helpful if the "PVSOL help/inverters/connection limits" section not only indicated the meaning of the different tolerances. I suggest that it be complemented with a practical example, in which for an inverter of any brand, it is indicated how to define these tolerances (sizing factor, minimum MPP voltage exceeded downwards, etc.).

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