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Definition of tariff scheme in PVSol for several tariff periods varying during the year


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Hi, I have seen several queries related to the definition of the purchase tariff scheme in PVSol, for various tariff periods, but I still have some doubts. The background in Spain would be that of a system with 6 tariff periods (€/KWh) that change according to the time of the year (see attached). In the replies there is mention of a query about a case of two (2) tariff periods (day, night) and it is stated: "You can set the numbers 1 and 2 in the table of the tariff period definition as you require". According to the attached information, 36 tariff cases have to be defined on the Net-Metering Tariffs page?. These 36 tariff periods should then be entered, indicating the corresponding monthly consumption in the "comsumption page". Is this the case?
On the other hand, is there anything else to do in the section "Number of different tariff period definitions/Setting of tariff period definitions" on the Net-Metering Tariffs page?


PVSol Tariff.docx

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Hello Heymo,

what do you mean by Tariff periods in the first column? It is possible to set several energy prices depending on energy bands. The marked tariff periods P1...P5


...could be translated into the energy bands that are configurable with our Net-Metering Tariffs:



Regarding to the period P6 in your table: Generally the separation into weekends/holidays | Monday-Fridays is possible via the definition of separate period definitions here


BUT unfortunately the number of different tariff periods is currently limited to 12 for the months. So your problem could not be mapped -.-

We can try to get rid of the limitation of different tariff periods. I'll check if this opens new challenges within our code.

Best regards,

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Hello Frederik,
Thank you for your reply. Regarding the question about the "tariff period" column, I have to inform you that this type of tariff, which applies to the industrial sector, includes six (6) price periods (P1 to P6) whose magnitude varies according to what the distributor defines as the time of the year. Four (4) types of seasons related to consumption, high/medium-high/medium/low, have been defined. Thus, for example, the high season applies to the months of January, February, July and December, with the particularity that the magnitude of the P1/P2/P3, which are the types of tariffs that apply, changes in each of these months. This is one of the things that complicates the mapping of the fare scheme.
In my initial query I forgot a piece of information about how the different tariffs (P1 to P6) are distributed throughout the day for each of the months of the year. The table "Peninsular energy calendar - 6-period tariff" is included.
On the other hand, I must clarify that energy prices do not depend on "energy bands". They depend on the time zone of the day and month in which they are applied.
I am aware of how complicated this tariff scheme is, which is unfortunately common in the Spanish market. I thank you for your cooperation.


PVSol Tariff rev B.docx

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