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Daily module generation DIFFERENCE

M Carba

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So, I've been studying the generation of an installation with different orientations and inclinations. 

Installation data:

- 240 modules JA Solar JAM72S20-460/MR - 460 Wp

- Inverter Huawei  SUN2000-100KTL-M1

I've made this chart, where we can see different orientations with 10º inclination.

Orientation Generation (kWh/Any) Efficiency (kWh/kWp) PR (%)
-150 119624 1083,33 79,20
-120 123290 1116,53 79,20
-90 128827 1166,69 79,30
-60 134720 1220,06 79,40
-30 139415 1262,59 79,50
0 141660 1282,93 79,50
30 140858 1275,66 79,50
60 137242 1242,91 79,50
90 131756 1193,21 79,50
120 125862 1139,83 79,40
150 121122 1096,89 79,30
180 118827 1076,11 79,20


As you can see, when it's orientated est (negative orientation) it produces more than at west and I can't figure out why.

I don't exactly know how PVSol calculates it generation parameters, but I have a guess that most of this difference is due to the module heat. 

I'd like to know if there's another parameter that I'm missing such as the pollution throught out the day or that clouds are denser in the afternooon than in the mornign.

Thank you

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Hi M Carba,

welcome to the forum and sorry for the belated answer!

The greatest impact on the simulation results is caused by the incoming climate data. I do want to refer you to the following answer in a previous thread:

Best regards,

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