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Dimensioning fields for buildings/windows etc malfunction

Lukas Bernhard

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Good Day everyone!

I've been working with PVsol for some time now and I have this intermittent error that for example if I want to change the orientation of an importet 3D-Model it automatically changes it to the maximum value and tells me it's too big. During the entry of the data (example 180°) the building successfully upgrades it's orientation. As soon as I click out of the field it changes the value to 360000 or something ridiculous and it gives the error that it's too big. Usually the program crashes immidiately after. The only workaround for me at the moment is a completely new project which is a huge waste of time. The same happens with almost all data entry panels (Window sizes, roof dimensions for in-software generated buildings and so on). I can't use the software like this.. has anyone ever expirienced the same problem?

Thank you very much for the help.


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Hi Lukas,


I import a lot of 3D models and I've never encountered this. What strikes me as very odd, other that the orientation, are the other values in your screenshot. A building height of 17155 meters and the resulting x/y position are most likely way outside of what PV*SOL can handle.

Have you tried to reduce the scale of the object significantly?

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Hi Jimmy

Yes this has also caught my eye but the scale according to the map-background is correct and if I draw placement fields for modules, the scale is also correct.
I just tried to set the scale to 1:1000 and then the maximum height drops to 17meters which is more reasonable. But the building gets obviously 1000 times smaller and isn't usable anymore. Also, if i try to manually change the the max hight, it just increases it to the maximum value again. I think something is completely broken with these fields in my installation. I think i will try a reinstallation next..

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