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Question about Spec. Annual Yield


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Hello there, 

my firm has been using your amazing software, for some time now and i have a technical question about the calculation of spec. annual yield, what are the factors that come into play while its being calculated. Is it only the weather and power output, etc. ? or what is it excatly. I would like to have a short debate about this if anyone would be so kind. 

The reason why I am asking is that lately, my boss has been asking me why is the yield so low in certain projects i draw (940kWh/kWp for example). And i havent been able to give him a 100% answer about this. Another example i have 2 projects drawn that were close to each other, like 500 meters and the yield difference was pretty significant in my opinion. 1038 kWh/kWp for the first one and 1158 kWh/kWp for the second one.

I can add the examples if you want as well.

I thank you for the answer in advance

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the specific annual yield is the annual yield of the PV system (in kWh, AC) divided by the installed DC power in kWp. This means that literally everything from the solar irradiation and ambient temperature, over module inclination, orientation, shading, soiling, electrical configuration, inverter performance, cable losses and so on is taken into account.

If you need to know in detail how a PV plant performs, a good start is always to check the energy balance in the results section:


Then, also, if you need to investigate some losses more in detail, you can go to the diagram editor, choose time series or carpet plots to analyse single data series. You can also export them to Excel or LibreOffice Calc if you wish.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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