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On Grid System 5,4 kW

Udo Z.

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Hello, I am still working with a test version of PVSol. The following system is to be created:

12 solar panels á 450 Watt
1 inverter 5 kW (INVT BG5KTL)

The system is to operate completely as a 3-phase OnGrid system. I will therefore feed 2 groups of 6 panels into the inverter. I connect the 3-phase output of the inverter to my sub-distribution before the feed-in switch.

The procedure works very well here in Thailand. The unconsumed power is fed into the grid and the existing 3-phase meter turns backwards.

How do the parameters in PV-Sol have to be set so that the economic efficiency, payback period, balance sheet, etc. are correct at the end of the calculation of the total system.

Thank you very much for your help.

Mfg U. Z.


Villa with 12 Panels.png

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Hi Udo,

7 hours ago, Udo Z. said:

The unconsumed power is fed into the grid and the existing 3-phase meter turns backwards.

This is best realized with a net metering tariff. You can create your own net meterin tariff in the database and then use it. You will have to set the economic model to net metering in order to be able to choose the net metering tariff:


A meter turning backwards is the simplest form of a net metering tariff, so you just would have to adjust the values for your energy price (monthly fee and per-kWh price):


The costs for your PV system can be entered in the "Financial Analysis Parameters" on top of the "Financial Analysis" page.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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