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Designing a Carport


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Hi Turtles,

Unless you need a good graphical presentation for a customer the easiest way would probably be to create a custom system in "module mounting". So basically a ground mount with the desired dimensions being pre calculated to a certain number of panels.


Like this:





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Hey @chudy14,

your project looks great! I'm currently writing my Bachelor Thesis about different ways of implementing solar carports in parking infastructure. Therefore i also want to simulate different projects in PVSol. Do you maybe have some more details of your project above? How did you manage to get this alignment (V-formation)? I tried it with two seperate polygons per parking row (and creating pv rows facing each other in order to build the V-formation) but then i always have to much space left between the V-formation. I would very much appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot!


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not sure what you ment there @Pumperniggl,  I made seperate rows  one facing east, one facing west, and i can drag and drop them 'against' eachother. collision is on and thus no spacing in between at the design. it will ask for "connect to array"  with a followup this is not possible due to different orientations. But nevertheless 

in general: interesting to use the module mounting to design carports. I always made a solid building and used the module coverage option. But this way is much more elegant and visually better looking. Great idea @Jimmy !!


@devs, i would not mind this kind of T-shaped module mounting to be added to pvsol in addition of the tilt/EW and facade option. It is a very common design for carports.



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