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Forecast data visualisation


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Hello PVSol community & solar PV designers,

You're welcome to request a spreadsheet that visualises the forecast data exported from PVSol, example results below, from me via Linkedin - just fire me a message. 

I have personally created it, so happy to share. It's a long time coming, I created this because I feel the PVSol diagram editor doesn't meet what I look for in a forecast illustration. Most of all, I think PVSol is missing something that explains the forecast day-to-day life of the solar PV system (without the vertical axes changing with the day too). 

This spreadsheet creates graphs that illustrate forecasted: energy consumption, solar generation, solar export, battery charge, battery discharge, energy curtailment. Per day, and you can click a scrollbar to scroll through the days of the year. The spreadsheet only works with PVSol exported data, either hourly and minute data. Without amending the spreadsheet (which otherwise is easy), it would work up to 3 inverters, so up to 450kWp? Minute interval datasets can reach 500MB so you'll need a good computer.

Comments/Criticism to the spreadsheet welcome!

No doubt something like this will be integrated into future versions of PVSol.





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Hi Jordan,


It looks really good, thanks for offering to share with the community! I don't use LinkedIn (or any other social media) anymore, would it be possible for you to send the spreadsheet here via a private message? If so I'd be very happy to try it out and give you some feedback on it.


Best regards

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