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Definition of AC and DC cable losses


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Dear all,

I have a question regarding the definition of cable losses on DC and AC side.

In the TAB "cables", if I press "in detail" cable loss function I would like to define separate for each inverter the AC and DC cable length in order to calculate losses.

What I just saw, that if I define 16 x  the same inverter, with same string configuration and 1 x same inverter but other string configuration, the software shows on the left side only two cable configurations (see picture bellow).


If I want to define exact cable length of each inverter of those 16 (which are not on the same position in the PV installation), I need to define separate for each inverter the length of AC cables from meter to inverter and be able to define all DC topology per MPP tracker.

In your case the program defines the same configuration and input for all 16 inverters and allows only define other inverter with other cable lengths.

I also don't see the definition of Transformer loss, since I can add it as a symbol on the cables tab.

I also tried to define each of 16 inverters separately (not as 16 x Inverter), but didnt work.

Can you please advise me, if I can define each inverter cables separately and how and how to define the transformer loss?

Thank you in advance,



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Hi Aljaz,

thank you for your question. It is indeed not possible to define separate cables for inverter groups that come from 3D. Even if you split the group in 3D into 16 separate inverters, PV*SOL will combine them into one group again when adopting the data from 3D. I guess this is what you already tried out.

In the 2D mode however, you can enter separate equal inverter configurations. They will not be combined by the software. Then you could enter the cabling distances indivually:



then in the cable section:



So, in 3D mode automatic grouping occurs (for performance reasons). There you would enter the average cable length over your 16 inverters. If you want to plan the cable section for every inverter separately in order to see what it brings, switch to the 2D mode and separate your inverters. I'd recommend saving the 2D apporach into a second project file so that you don't override your 3D planning.

Transformer losses can't be entered right now. You'd have to add the transformer losses to the total loss.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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