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What can you tell me about the limitations for importing 3d models into PV*SOL?


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So, I've been spending that last few days (more like weeks) tinkering with open source photogrammetry and 3d modelling software. I'm at the stage now where I'm able to import many city blocks at once but up until this hour I haven't been able to get the textures to work. Now when I finally got the textures to work it completely broke the model and all that remains is basically 4 broken buildings, before it was more like 400 and a huge hill with trees but without textures. 


I'm no where near the vertex limit (managed to get it down to like 30k vertices with ok appearance) so my only conclusion is that that I somehow reached PV*SOL's cache or RAM limit (or something like that) when I added the textures.


I'd like to know more about the limitations from the staff and other users so that I don't have to test it all to know where the limits are. Also, I see a lot .dll files in the PV*SOL folder that I don't think were there before... If I tinker with them and... break stuff... It should be fine to just uninstall and reinstall, right?

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Hi Jimmy,

12 hours ago, Jimmy said:

If I tinker with them and... break stuff...

haha, you should really avoid doing this. But yes, if you break stuff there you can just uninstall and reinstall, and it should run again.

Concerning the model: I think it would be the best option to send me the model that causes the problem, here in the forum as private message. Then we can have a look if we find something. There are limitations that we know of, like the number of vertices as you are already aware, but in your case it seems to be something else.

Thanks and kind regards,


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