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Hi pawel,

the bankability is an exceedance probability for the energy yield. It is used as kind of a security measure for a finance provider like a bank. A bank is always interested in a high credit rating, i.e. in the case of large photovoltaic plants, in being sure that the debt will be repaid. Therefore this parameter does only make sense as a higher value than default. Higher P value means a higher probability for a lower but guaranteed (more probable) energy yield. You could of course set P to a lower value, but in our context as a planning tool it does not make sense to lower the default probability of the guaranteed yield.

I hope my somewhat cumbersome explanation does make sense. After a simulation the bankability dialogue shows the yields. I also set a very high value for variability of global irradiation to show you the change of the curve. Unfortunately you have to reopen the dialogue for a change. I put this onto our bugfix list.


Best regards,

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