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Meteonorm data in PV Sol Premium 2021 (R4)

Oliver Stojchevski

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Respected Valentin Administrators,

I kindly ask for information regarding the climate data used in PV Sol Premium 2021 (R4) version.

Is it using latest available Meteonorm 8 data ?

We use PV Sol in our company as basis input data for PV projects feasibility, therefore each annual Yield difference makes significant financial impact on allowed project CAPEX.

Latest available data for the region of North Macedonia is 1991 - 2010. According to Meteonorm site, version 8 offers data for extended period till 2015 (2020).

Will we get more accurate data if we provide separate Meteonorm license, or the last available data are already overtaken when selecting new location/MeteoSyn synchronization with Meteonorm ?

Thank You in advance for the support,


Best Regards,

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Hello Oliver Stojchevski,

welcome to the forum and thank you for your request.

Unfortunately not.

We have been in contact with https://meteonorm.com/ for quite a long time now since their compilation of data has changed with version 8. That is why we need to adapt our internal tool MeteoSyn to those changes in order to work correctly with PV*SOL. As long as our questions are unsettled we cannot provide those current data to our customers. One reason is deviations that we cannot yet explain. The input irradiation data is of the most important concern for us and we hope that our questions will be clarified soon.

You don't have to put your license into PV*SOL, since we are paying for the climate data API ourselves.

Best regards,

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