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Module configuration > Import 3D models


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I have question about module configuration > Import 3D models. There is a drop-down list and there are three options. What do they mean?

I tried check it, but I didn't see any changes.

Could You help me to understand this?

In the attachment I am sending the screen


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Hi Mateusz,

sorry for the late response!

The Standard values dropdown sets the values for Minimal dimensions and Plane tolerance. Those are default values for the algorithm which tries to determine mounting surfaces onto your imported objects.

Exact 3D objects: Objects that were created with a proper 3D software like e.g. https://www.blender.org/ or SketchUp. Since those models have low or no noise regarding their planes, the minimal dimensions of a detected plane is bigger, the plane tolerance is lower, since those planes are almost always in the same plane.

Auto-generated meshes: Those models show a lot of noise and therefore it is harder to detect planes which are supposed to be connected to one plane. Therefore the minimal dimensions are set lower, but at the same time the tolerance of those planes laying in a shared plane is bigger, so even a noisier model can be detected correctly.

Manual input: You can set your own values.

This was a beta feature and since you can change the values even if you set a preset value from the dropdown menu, this is inconsistent and confusing. Those settings are getting used when opening the context menu (RIGHT CLICK) > edit and choosing the beta feature:


I hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Hello Mateusz,

yes, I am certain.

In 3D mode the options dialogue is handled the same way as in the main PV*SOL program window: There are several "entry points" to this dialogue depending on where in the program you are. You can open the options dialogue from the page module configuration.


Then it gets opened at the correct list entry on the left side directly:


In case you are opening the options via the topmost settings icon


the dialog gets opened at the list entry general:


Import 3d models is part of this options dialogue.

Best regards,

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