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Off-Grid configuration consult

Miguel Guevara

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I understand that PVSOL is not designed to integrate MPPT or other charge controllers, so my consult is if the "Hybrid" configuration in the off-grid section has a higher overall effciency than just put a charge controller to charge the battery before the inverter.

Aditional, we are planning to use a Victron (bidirectional inverter)-Fronius (grid inverter) configuration with pylontech batteries, will this work?

Kind Regards,


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Hi Miguel,

that is correct, in PV*SOL you can't design an offgrid system with just PV, charge controller and batteries. The offgrid systems are limited to the connection over an AC bus, and in general, energy-yield-wise, it should be ok to design the system as AC system in PV*SOL, even if it is DC in reality. You'd have to set the PV and battery inverter efficiencies correspondingly.

In terms of "overall efficiency" it really depends on the devices that are used.

See also these threads for more information:

Kind regards,


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