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Presentation - Is it possible to edit the text somehow in PVsol?


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Is it possible to in any way be able to edit (and save) the text that is displayed in the presentation? I'm using the Swedish presentation and frankly quite a bit of the terms used are incorrect and will mislead/confuse customers. I realize that I can export the presentation and edit it in Word, it's just that this is a time consuming task to have to do with each new presentation. I've dug around in just about all the settings and looked through all the associated files that comes with the installation of PVsol Premium but I can't find any way to edit this. I suppose that it's a part of the .exe.


So, if your answer is "sorry, the only way to do that now is through Word". Would you be willing to accept my (free) assistance in providing you better translations for the Swedish presentations and could you try to get that out with the next update if at all possible?


Ps. Love the product anyway and I admire your dedication to support on the forum (have been lurking for years).

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Hi Jimmy,

you are right, there is no possibility for end users to change the localized texts in a persistent way. The only way indeed would be to correct the translations for us. If you wish, I can forward your email address to my colleagues that take care of the localization, so that they can contact you.

Kind regards,


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Hi Martin,

I'd very much like that and I'm sure that all my Swedish colleagues in the field (that use PVsol) would like that too. I'll bounce it around with a dozen people who I know uses PVsol in Sweden before I send the suggested edits to them.


Please forward my email to your colleagues so that they can contact me.

Thanks for a quick reply!

Kind regards,

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