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Own consumption


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Hi Alex,

thanks for your question. I am not 100% sure if I understand you question right, but perhaps I can translate a question and answer from the German section of the forum here, perhaps this will point you in the right direction:




I haven't been working with the program PV Sol for that long and my task is to implement an own consumption of 25% in the simulation and subsequent calculation.
I have already read through a few threads, but older PV Sol versions (I use PV Sol Premium 2020) were used and there was still the "Consumption" dialog box, which I need to import the corresponding load profile in addition to the 75% regulation. Or am I on the wrong track here anyway?
Many thanks in advance for the help




 Hello, Julian,

to calculate PV systems with electrical consumers, you must first change the type of system:


 And then the own consumption is the result of the interaction between the energy production of the PV system and the energy consumption of the consumers. It cannot therefore be adjusted, so that it is 25%, for example.

If the PV system produces 10000 kWh per year, for example, and you have a consumption of 2500 kWh, this would represent 25% of consumption over the year. But it is not said that the PV system can cover the load at all times. The simultaneity and the performance profiles of PV and load are decisive factors here. The time step of the simulation also has a considerable influence on the own consumption.

It is best to select a few load profiles, sometimes in 1min, sometimes 15min and sometimes 1h resolution and vary the annual energy consumption and then simulate this. You will see how your own consumption changes in the results.

If you need more support, let me know.

Best regards,



Hope that helps, kind regards,


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