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Sungrow 125HV


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Is there any advice to simulate 2016 modules (Trina solar TSM-335-DD14A (II) )with sungrow SG125HV inverter?
I tried, but since it has 1 mppt , I couldn't find any possible configuration.

one more question :
If I want to use combiner boxes , any hint how to simulate them?


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Hi MoYas,

there are a several things to consider. 2016 Trina Solar TSM-335-DD14A modules have a nominal DC power of 675 kWp. The SunGrow SG125HV has 125 kW nominal power and 175 kW max DC power. So you will have to take at least 4 inverters.

Then you would have 504 modules per inverter. One approach would be to pack as much modules in a serial string as possible. And there you will encounter the next issue. The Trina module is designed for 1000 V max system voltage, but the inverter is at 1500 V. When configuring the PV array you will see that it is impossible to find a number of modules in series that will satisfy both constraints of MPP voltage and of max open circuit voltage. See for example the configuration check for 16 x 30 modules:


The MPP voltage range is good, but the modules have a far too high max OC voltage. If you decrease the number of modules in series to 18 or 19, the max OC voltage is ok, but then the MPP voltage range is too low:


So there is no way to configure these specific Trina modules to this specific inverter, unless you alter the configuration options (i.e. allow modules not to reach the MPP voltage limits).

If you use 1500V modules from Trina, e.g. the DE15M with 395 Wp, you can find a solution where 28 modules fit in a string:



Hope that helps, kind regards,



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