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Tilted photogrammetry model in 3d ambient


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I am working on transferring 3d models from Google Earth Pro to PV*SOL using a photogrammetry software. I am able to export the .obj file and place it in the 3d ambient of PV*SOL, but the model seems to have some unusual coordinates and appears to be tilted compared to the surface of the 3d ambient. I tried tilting the model but it didn't help much. I would like to know how can I solve this problem and have the model and the 3d ambient parallel to each other. I am attaching some images of the issue.  





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Dear Alvin,

I guess you will need to rotate the 3D model in another software, e.g. Blender or the like. Which photogrammetry software are you using? And aside from that, having a look at your model, I would recommend to choose only the building you are interested in, plus some surrounding buildings or trees. Try to keep the resolution of the geometries as high as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to get reliable shading simulation results.

Kind regards,


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Hello Martin,

Thanks for the reply.

I am using the software Agisoft PhotoScan for photogrammetry. I was able to rotate the 3D model and successfully transfer it to PV*SOL. Thank you very much!

Regarding the model size, I will try to keep it small, thanks for the tip!

Best regards,


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