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Swimming pool: temp over setpoint + month temperatures


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I need to understand if swimming pool setpoint is reached -> pool temperature above X ° C.

Such indication is given only on systems without auxiliary heating, i.w. B 6 or B6.1 along with average pool temp

When auxiliary heating is used, such indication is not present.  This doesn't depend on eventual setpoint matching of solar and/or aux: no indication is given nor with 1 solar collector or heating element 0,1 kW or lituania climate.

I can however get swimming pool temperature by playing on entries to be shown on graphs




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Hello C3PO, sorry c1p8,

in the project report of all pool systems you get the information about 

- Average swimming pool temp.
- Pool temperature above X °C           x,x % of operating hours

I see these values even in systems with aux. heating (I used system B3).

Can you explain what data you want to see exactly? Maybe with an example?

Kind regards

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