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  1. Do you mean Tsol calculates either evaporation losses. Besides this also pool (small) temp decrease is calculated. depending on of (small) consequent water ingress to replace lost water (50 litres forfait). As I understand 50 litres water ingress (and consequent) temp decrease of the pool is a forfait, irespective of evaporation rate, volume of the pool, loss for water splashing out of the pool
  2. Hi, I need to understand if swimming pool setpoint is reached -> pool temperature above X ° C. Such indication is given only on systems without auxiliary heating, i.w. B 6 or B6.1 along with average pool temp When auxiliary heating is used, such indication is not present. This doesn't depend on eventual setpoint matching of solar and/or aux: no indication is given nor with 1 solar collector or heating element 0,1 kW or lituania climate. I can however get swimming pool temperature by playing on entries to be shown on graphs
  3. Is it somehow a way to intervene and correct automatic data or introducting some themal loss for whatever reason?
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