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Net-metering tariffs


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I'm trying to calculate using a tariff system where there's no compensation for the energy that is supplied to the grid and there's a fixed price for what is imported from the grid. That is a system where what is supplied to the net is worthless and there's no balance to keep track of. If it's supplied to the net, it's , in essence, lost. How would I go about setting that up?





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Hey there,

I can think of one way which might help you here.

As there is nothing you can earn from feeding into the grid, you can simply set the feed-in regulation to 100% at the feed-in point. This setting allows the system to act as zero grid injection system. (All that excess energy after self-consumption is down regulated at the feed in point)

Did i answer your question?



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I have playing around this idea and from my understanding, HPJ is wanting the solar array to feed straight into the customers power and the grid compensate the remaining power the solar array is not producing. I am needing the same situation and the above solution does somewhat of that but if you place it at 0%, it is not feeding into the system, but it's also not feeding into the consumption as the below photo shows. 


The way I see it is where the production of energy for the solar field should go directly to the consumption and supplemented by the grid for the remaining. 


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