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This is my system ,How I can use PV*SOL ?


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Hello mmakatri,

on the page "System, Climate and Grid", choose the System Type "Grid-Connected PV System with Electrical Appliances and Battery Systems".


Then you can select battery systems on the Battery Systems page. There are three types of systems, as described here:


Yours would be a "DC intermediate" or "DC-link" coupling.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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Dear mmakatri,

if you don't have a grid, i.e. a "stand-alone" (or "offgrid") system, the only two system types that you can use are the last two from the list:



For stand-alone systems, we don't have DC/DC coupled battery systems at the moment, I am afraid. But you can do the following to approximate your system:

  • Set the grid voltage to your DC bus voltage (12 V or 24 V, or whatever you use in your system)
  • Also set the mains voltage of the PV and the battery inverter to the same voltage
  • modify the DC/AC efficiency of the PV inverter and the AC/DC efficiency of the battery inverter so that the "PV to battery" , the "battery to load" and the PV to load" energy paths are met as precisely as possible
  • On the cabling page, just set the cable lengths of the AC side as your DC bus cables

The results will be very close to a real DC coupled offgrid battery-PV system.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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