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Dear stelpanel,

I will translate your post using deepl.com:


In the Netherlands, large consumers can make use of the SDE subsidy.

Does anyone have any idea how this can be simulated in PV Sol?

We will have a look into this, but please be aware that it might take a moment until we find the time to respond.

Kind regards,


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Hi stelpanel,

from what I understand from that brochure here

https://english.rvo.nl/sites/default/files/2019/04/Brochure SDE Spring 2019.pdf

is that you receive a feed-in tariff for your produced energy that is dependent on the "correction amount", i.e. the current market price of energy. In total, if I understand it right, you will always get 9, 11 or 13 ct/kWh as a result, partially from the subsidy, partially from the market price.

In this case, calculating SDE in PV*SOL is easy. Just create a new feed-in tariff with the according remuneration (9, 11 or 13 ct/kWh) and select it on the page "Financial Analysis".

Please correct me if I understand the SDE+ system wrong.

Kind regards,


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Subidy for delivery

Faseamount €105 per MWh

Marketprice €22 per MWh

Max subsidy for delivery €105 - €22 = €83 per MWh


Subsidy for own consumption

Faseamount €105 per MWh

Marketprice €47 per MWh

Maximum subisdy own consumption €105 - €47 = €58

The jearly subsidable production = 285 MWh/year


The own consumption = 50% 


285 * 50% = 142,5 MWh * €83 = €11.827,50


285 * 50% = 142,5 MWh * €58 = € 8265


Total subsidy per year = €20.092,50 

Total subsidy in 15 years €301.387,50


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Hi again,

maybe I am getting something wrong, but I think you just have to enter the resulting subsidy values for feed-in and own consumption in the according fields of your tariff, linke so:


Prices are in €/kWh, so you get 0,083 €/kWh of fed-in (delivered) energy and 0,058 €/kWh for own consumption.

I will attach an example project file with that tariff that you see here so that you can try it out.

Keep in mind that the percentage of own consumption will be a result of the simulation, you don't have to enter it manually.

Kind regards,


PVSOL 2019 R10 project with SDE tariff model from Netherlands.pvprj

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