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change North orientation?


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I have modelled multiple buildings in one file with roof mounted PV systems. Is there a way to change the orientation (north arrow) without deleting the systems and changing the orientation of the buildings one by one? seems simple but I cant find the option. I really hope there is one because otherwise I have to redo a great deal of work.


Another question, When I have rotated buildings, is there a way to enter distances between objects perpendicular to the objects? It seems as if i can only enter the x-y direction which is North-south and east-west.

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Hello Jeroen,

yes, you can change the direction of the building, but only with a roof mounted PV system (which you have :) ). The disadvantage is that you lose your cable plan if you have created one. To rotate a building, double click on the desired building and change the orientation. However, this is only possible if your building does not collide with other buildings during the orientation change. Either move the building where it can't collide with other buildings, or deactivate the collision (right click on the building).



Regarding your second question, unfortunately it is not possible to enter the direct distance between two buildings. But you can do a little trick that I use quite often. Place a wall and change the length of the wall to the desired building distance and change the orientation of the wall as needed. Now you can use the wall as a measure. It's not a nice solution, but it will work. When you're done, just delete the wall.

Kind regards,


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