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AC connected Battery Storage

Jef Noelmans

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Dear all,

I want to simulate adding a battery system to an existing PV setup.  In Belgium there's net metering for standard PV installations and users pay a yearly tax based on the inverter output power to pay for the usage of the grid.  For a battery system one will be eligible for a hefty subsidie, the yearly tax will no longer be due, but then you can no longer use net-metering and the feed-in tariff will be 0 (for the time being).

Is there a way to simulate and calculate the financial impact in PVSOL of adding the battery to the current PV setup and switching the feed-in concept from net metering to surplus feed-in ?

Thanks for your help,

Jef Noelmans.

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Hello Jef Noelmans,

I would suggest, run a simulation without a battery system and with net metering and another simulation with the same pv system, but this time with the desired battery system and the concept "surplus feed-in".

Then you can compare both results.


To do so, select a type of system with a battery system and define the battery system.



Then select your "surplus feed-in" concept.



Kind regards,



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Hi Marcel,

this is what I've already done.  But I want to see what the battery adds to the picture if you ad it let's say 3 years after your PV installation.  The way I was planning to do this was by simulating the system with and without battery.  And then build a cash flow table in excel.  For the first 3 years I would use the energy flows of the first simulation, and for the next years the energy flows of the second simulation.  And then note the investments, subsidies, tariffs in this sheet and make the calculation.

Is there a way to do this in PVSol ?

Best regards,


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