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  1. Hello Martin! I have a question regarding the "flush mount - good rear ventilation" system. Does PV-SOL Take into account the height of the mounting system? If so, how high is it? Best regards, Nils
  2. Perfect reply, thank you very much! Best regards, Nils
  3. Hello! Is it possible to place any objects that are not included in the PV-SOl 2018 premium version in some way, such as snow guards etc. I'm working on a project were snow guards can cause some shadowing on the solar panels and want this to be included in the calculation. Br, Energy Consultant Nils
  4. Thank you for your reply! How would you do this if you created an arbitrary object on a map section? Do I need to add a wall to my object? Br, Nils
  5. Hello! Is is possible in PV-sol to simulate Solar panels mounted directly on walls of a created object? Br, Nils
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