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  1. Hi Team, I have just created 22 PV arrays in one design and when i click the 3D design button across the top you can then see the list of arrays down the left hand side and underneath each array is where you can enter in the degradation of the module. As there are 22 arrays i need to use the page slide to see the ones at the bottom however this does not show the last 4. I have used the keyboard down arrow to adjust the module degradation but thought you would like to know so this can be fixed in the next release. I have PV Sol Premium 2019 (R5) and i have attached a screen shot. Regards
  2. Hi There, When in 3D simulation how can I use an old module from the database. The module is in the database having ticked the box to show unavailable modules but how to make it available for use in 3D simulation? Regards Rob
  3. I shut down the computer and restarted it and all appears ok now. Regards Rob
  4. Good Morning, I have just updated to R8 and have gone to open an existing project but when I go to the 3D page and then press edit to open it the 'New 3D System' window opens up rather than the building i have created? Regards Rob
  5. Hi There, Do you think i have a problem with pixels or perhaps not enough screen shots taken?
  6. Hi There, How are you taking the screenshots in Google Earth Pro? I have just followed the youtube video but it doesnt look like the example, screen shot below: Regards Rob
  7. Hi, When using PV Sol Premium 2016 in 3D and for on roof mounting systems on pitched roofs which installation type is best to select? Is it 'flush mount - good rear ventilation' or 'roof integrated-rear ventilation'? I assume 'Mounted-roof' is for flat roofs? Just loaded 2D to find the names of the installation types, as I remember them being different, in order to ask the same question and found that they each now have a pretty symbol! When in 2D and for pitched roofs and on roof mounting systems which installation type is best to select? is it 'roof parallel' or 'roof integrated-good rear ventilation'? I guess with 2D its roof parallel.... Regards Rob
  8. Hi, I am struggling to add power optimisers to an east west mounting system, can you help please? Regards Rob
  9. Hi, Since upgrading PV Sol Premium to R4 and searching for the closest climate data to the site postcode it no longer places the site location on the map which makes it easier to select the closest climate file? Regards
  10. Hi, Can the diagram be exported or included in a report? Regards LCX
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