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Optimum connection of 3 roofs (32moduls) ?


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Hi All

My new house has orientation: 247°, 67° with 2 oriels  (Gaube in german), that means that I can also use small roofs on Gaube with orientation 157°

Due to orientation of house I have during the day walking shadows and the position of the moduls is very critical.

I created 3D model and made shadow simulations and found out best configuration(one from few, but relatively easy to install) with minimized shadows on moduls.

It seems that quite OK is:

- 247° - 18 moduls

-67° - 10 moduls

- 157° - 2 x 2 moduls.

In my system I want to use:

- moduls 310W G4.1 Q.Cells (already ordered)

- optimizers SE P370 (already ordered)

- inventer SE9K

Currently no akku; I will update the system in the future.


I need support of PVSol expert and somebody with more PV experience.

I plan to connect all moduls in 1 string with optimizers and SE9K.

I made such simulations (with model of usage: 4000kWh family+4000kWh heating system) and got results:

P=9467kWh pro Year (PV Generator Energy (AC Grid)

954.34lWh/kWp (Spec.Annual Yield)

5.2% (Yield reduction due to shading)


I would lik eto ask any experience person for help and suggestion how to connect all my moduls on my 3 roofs(247/67/157) to get maximized power pro year (PV Generator Energy (AC Grid).

In the attachment there is pdf file with modul/shadow distribuition on my roofs.


Unfortunatelly,teh simulation project file is larger than 9.77MB and I can not uploaded.

The link to the project file (google drive) is given below:



I would be very greatfull for any suggestions and improvements.








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