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Complex Building


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Good Morning, 

Quick question about slightly more complex building (such as the attached). I am struggling to design anything like this with my latest PV SOL premium 3D.

Is there a way to fairly simply do this by any chance?

(This building is also available in 3D on Google map - do you know a way to maybe import that 3D model into PV SOL?)

Many Thanks



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Hi Steven,

Unfortunately there isn't an easy way as far as I know to model a building of this complexity in PV*SOL. The easiest way that most seem to use is to make a model in another software (like SketchUp) and import it into PV*SOL.

There is a way to import models from Google Maps but it's very complex with mixed results and it also requires that you know how to use a 3d modelling software for cleanup of the imported model. As far as I know I'm the only one that does this and it's taken me about 3 months of evening hours to work out all the kinks to get it working to a satisfactory level with PV*SOL.

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