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  1. Hi Frederik, Thank you very much for your help. :) I will give this a go and create a well optimized profile for the sunny hours and see how far i can take it :) I was hoping to achieve about 80 to 90% percent of Solar Fraction.....i know it's a bit ambitious :) Thank you Steven
  2. Hi everyone, What the best way to optimise the consumption (tweak the consumption profile ) to get a really good PV design? The scenario is that we have an office building with 80000Kwh annual consumption. The Solar system generates 130000Kwh annually. Somehow i can't find any consumption profile (or create one) to maximise the OWN Usage. I would like to increase these figures i highlighted with red in the attached. (Direct own usage and own consumption) I know its down to the hours of consumption and i am prepared to create a consumption profile to optimi
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