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Net Metering


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Net metering usually leads to significantly higher savings in electricity purchases than surplus feed-in. If the electricity purchase tariffs are higher than the feed-in tariffs, the economic efficiency of the net metering concept is much better than that of surplus feed-in.
I would like to explain the difference between net metering and surplus feed-in using an example.
PV Generator Energy: 8000 kWh
Consumption: 5000 kWh
Direct own consumed: 1000 kWh

Feed-in concept Surplus feed-in:
From-Grid tariff: 0,2€
Feed-in tariff 0,1€
The direct consumption of the generated energy leads to a reduction of 1000 kWh in the amount of electricity purchased, resulting in savings of 1000kWh*0.2 €= 200€. The generated energy of 7000 kWh that is not directly usable is fed in. For this you will receive a feed-in tariff of 7000 kWh*0,1 €= 700€. Altogether the energy production has a value of 800€.

Net metering feed-in concept:
Net metering tariff: 0,2€
Compensation for Surplus: 0,1€
With Net Metering it does not matter at what time within the billing period the energy is generated, the consumption meter simply turns backwards. Whether directly consumed or not is irrelevant. At the end of the year the meter is at -3000 kWh, the complete consumption of 5000kWh is saved, this leads to savings of 5000 kWh*0,2 €= 1000€. Additionally you have a surplus of 3000 kWh. For this you receive a surplus compensation of 3000 kWh*0,1€= 300€. Altogether the energy production has a value of 1300€.

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But I can't choose the net metering Tarif in Germany yet? Just asking because I have a big apartment complex with 270 units, net metering would be so easy and affordable when it comes to the metering concept. Does anyone have experience with this?


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