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Detailed Design Features

Ahmad Aboelnasr

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Can you please clarify whether T*Sol can provide the following services:


1) Identify details of all piping of the system (diameter, length, routing,…)

2) Hydraulic design of the system showing series/parallel connection

3) Control system to be applied

4) Flow velocity inside the different collectors’ pipes

5) Pump selection

6) Valves selection and dimensions

7) Details of flanges, fittings and insulation in the piping system

? Stagnation control system details

9) Radiation data of Egypt

Many Thanks

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Hello Ahmad,

please let me answer your questions:

1. You can dimension the piping from the collectors to the tanks.
    Parameters are: length, diameter, losses, inside/outside of the house

2. The system's design is fixed. Multiple tanks are always connected in parallel.

3. Every manufacturer has its own special control systems.
    In T*SOL we compare simply the temperatures between the tank and
    the collector. However, you can adjust the heights of the sensors in the tank.

4. Not directly in the collectors, but the volume flow through the
    collector loop. We simulate the collectors with the energetic properties
    (eta, losses, ...) taken from the test certificate.

5. No pump selection, sorry.

6. No valve selection, either.

7. ... no

8. You can enter a max. temperature for the collector and a 
    switch off temperature in the tank.

9. You can select from thousands of locations world wide, also from Egypt.


More questions?
Please feel free to download a 30-day full version from here:


Kind regards


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