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NFR - New atribute for module degradation on 1st year

Joao Prates

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Submiting a New Feature Request for the PV*SOL dev team:


Currently module degradation inputs are only 2 fields, one for the age and the other for the remaining power:


Most modules we work today though offer a warranty with linear degradation AFTER FIRST YEAR, meaning the value for the 1st year is always different (and higher) than average.

For example we have this module as many others on the market:


In order to support this, we need another field to enter the first year degradation (0,3% in the above example), and the other fields could still be as they are.

Of course having the option to specify the degradation per year after the 1st year instead of having to manually compute the remaining power would also be a nice to have, but not critical.



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