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  1. Douglas

    Meteonorm 8.0

    Hi, When is the new version 8.0 of Meteonorm climate data going to be introduced into PV*sol?
  2. Hi, Is it temporary that ABB inverters are gone from the database? /Douglas
  3. Hi, I'm designing a smaller ground based project and are currently investigating the option of bifacial vs monofacial modules. But what I don't understand is how the PR value is calculated for bifacial systems. I noticed that the PR is less for some of the bifacial systems compared to identical monofacial systems. When calculating the PR manually I use this equation: PR = ("PV energy (AC) minus standby use") / ("Global Radiation at the Module" - "Reflection on the Module Interface") * module area * module efficiency )) But it doesn't match the PR when calculated manually for bifacial systems compared to what is presented in the report. How can I calculate the PR manually for Bifacial systems? Hope to hear from you soon, Douglas
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