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  1. Dear PVsol Tem, Dear Martin, by the question from Vishnu: "Also is there a possibility to simulate a system with two inverters having one batterie each? " You answered: "Yes, this is possible, as long as the inverters are the same. Then you can set the number of battery systems to 2. " My questions: 1) by two Hybrid inverters and Bat-systems set "2", the software calc like one hybrid-inv has two bat-sys on it (output power grwo from e.g. 5kW to 10kW), why? 2) when i have more hybrid inv which are the same, why i can not set to each inv the bat-sys in typ/quantity/ etc. for example 4x solax 8.0 hybrid inv (i can select in input screen) and #1 Master: two bat-sys #2 Slave 1: .... same like to decide which pv generator whith differend numbers of modules on different inverters? Maybe in comming updates? So my main problem ist to calc for industrial costumer and the PV gen is about 20 -100 kWp , bat-sys 10 - 100 kWh. and 2. is blocks of flats e.g. 5-20 flats each entry by 2-10 entries, in one building and the distribution is rarely the same. Are there any updates in the future for more flexibility (selection for calcuation) and parameter to change in your input masks ? Because simply single house, rooftop, free area plants are out! Future means to install with maximum flexibility and high efficiency by lowest installation effort. Thanks in advance. Silvio
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