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  1. Hello, I have encountered a problem with the consumption results for one of our sites and I was wondering if you could help please. First I had a 300kw system with these details: PV Generator Output 300.1 kWp Spec. Annual Yield 839.66 kWh/kWp Performance Ratio (PR) 88.0 % Yield Reduction due to Shading 0.8 %/Year PV Generator Energy (AC grid) 252,159 kWh/Year Own Consumption 180,016 kWh/Year Down-regulation at Feed-in Point 0 kWh/Year Grid Feed-in 72,143 kWh/Year Own Power Consumption 71.4 % CO₂ Emissions avoided 118,439 kg / year Appliances Appliances 607,209 kWh/Year Standby Consumption (Inverter) 161 kWh/Year Total Consumption 607,370 kWh/Year covered by PV power 180,016 kWh/Year covered by grid 427,354 kWh/Year Solar Fraction 29.6 % And then we increased the size of the system to a 1250kw system with these details; PV System PV Generator Output 1259.5 kWp Spec. Annual Yield 834.08 kWh/kWp Performance Ratio (PR) 87.6 % Yield Reduction due to Shading 1.0 %/Year PV Generator Energy (AC grid) 1,051,828 kWh/Year Own Consumption 252,228 kWh/Year Down-regulation at Feed-in Point 0 kWh/Year Grid Feed-in 799,601 kWh/Year Own Power Consumption 23.9 % CO₂ Emissions avoided 493,755 kg / year Appliances Appliances 607,209 kWh/Year Standby Consumption (Inverter) 1,287 kWh/Year Total Consumption 608,496 kWh/Year covered by PV power 252,228 kWh/Year covered by grid 356,268 kWh/Year Solar Fraction 41.5 % Could you please explain why the “own power consumption” had gone down from 71.4% to 23.9%. This client is looking to go completely on Solar so would use a lot more than 23.9%, is there a way I could say that they will use 100%? Many thanks Matt
  2. Many thanks Frederik, it worked! Cheers
  3. Hi there, When I use PV Sol on my laptop seems like some drop-down menus get squeezed and it's very hard to read them. I have attached an screenshot that shows exactly what I mean. As you can see, it's hard to read the strings information and if I had to add more strings, I won't even be able to use the drop-down because it won't be visible. Hopefully somebody can help on this. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Matthew

    Optimiser P600

    Hi there, I'm trying to design a system where I'm going to use P600 optimisers by Solaredge. The optimisers will be located every other panel. At the moment the system is made up of 316 panels which means that 158 optimisers will be needed. And there it's where I get stuck. I'm using a SE82.8k solaredge inverter. I'm doing 5 strings of 26 optimisers and 1 of 28 so in total is 158 optimisers to cover 316 panels. I'm between the minimum optimisers require (14) and the maximum (30) but I get a message saying "the maximum output in string 1 of 11250W has been exceeded (Currently: 14820W)" On the MPP section I put "2 modules in series" in both strings but still not working. Could you help me on this please? Many thanks in advance.
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