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  1. Hi Martin At the beginning I would like to thank you for this thread, which was a bit helpful in designing using the PV Sol program. I have a problem with the selection of inverters for a specific number of pv panels. I have a very large industrial hall project with a flat roof. This is my first project in this program. The problem is that the hall has a roof at different heights. When I try to connect different areas of pv panels at different roof heights (all pv panels have the same W-S direction !!) the program does not allow me to choose one type of inverter for two areas / two roof heights. Another problem is that I can't manually add two different inverters with different powers. Is there a way to solve this problem. How can I connect two or more panel areas at two or more different roof heights when one has 1052 pv panels and the other 250 pv panels? I will add that the whole hall has a roof at 5 different heights and each area has a different number of pv panels. From what I noticed, PV SOL automatically selects the inverter only for one of several areas of pv panels at a certain height. And then I get several different inverters for each of the areas with different power, it makes no sense. For example, I get 5 inverters for 5 panel areas from a few kW to several hundred kW. It would be best to design several inverters with the same power, e.g. 150 kW, and to connect them to pv panels in different areas. This project above is helpful when you have a small installation with one inverter, the problem starts when there are several inverters and each of them will have 6 or 12 MPPT inputs. How can I go to the next stages of the project, such as, for example, cabling design as stuck on this topic Peter
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