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  1. Hi, I can't seem to find any documentation as to how one would add a transformer to the AC Mains connection in the system tab. Is it possible to simulate use of separate transformers or will it be in the future? Best, Martin
  2. Hi, I am afraid the project file is too big for the limit imposed here. I could send you this by email. However, the situation should be possible to reproduce with any project using horizon profiles. I have attached two horizon profiles and corresponding EB's and shading loss as stated in summary. To me it seems strange that the total shading loss is a sum of two percentage losses, when these are separated by some conversion factor. This is for me the foremost reason for writing this post. Furthermore, it also seems strange that the module dependent shading entry isn't reserved for the internal shading of the model alone, while the module independent shading is reserved for horizon losses. I would regard the losses of the (near) shading model and geometry of installed collector surfaces in relation to this to be decided on a clear sky day and the horizon losses also, but separately. As it is now, the one influences the other. I can understand that relative near shading losses are lower when the horizon (far shading) losses are lower, as there is more irradiation available. Similarly, I can understand why higher horizon losses makes the near shading loss higher, as the near shading loss is based only on the actual amount of irradiation reaching the modules. This is how you have defined it. I still don't really agree with the logic, however. DEM_hor.HOR PVGIS_hor.hor
  3. Hi, When simulating a particular project and reading the EB, I can see that the module independent shading, which I normally assume to be due to the horizon (far) shading is just below 6%. Looking to the module dependent shading, I can see that this is at around 16%. Two aspects are interesting when it comes to this: The total shading loss over the year, presented in the summary, is 23.2%. Removing the horizon from the 3D model reduces the module dependent shading almost entirely. Knowing how the help file defines independent and dependent shading, I am a little confused by these two contradicting aspects. Regarding (1), what is the logic inferred here? Shouldn't the loss presented in module dependent shading be a share of the incoming radiation converted at STC into a certain available energy quantity? How can the relative loss before and after STC conversion be added together, when the loss on module level would be much smaller if corrected for the conversion efficiency? Regarding (2), what is the relation between horizon (module independent) shading and near (module dependent) shading? It is reasonable to expect that removing the horizon would remove the module independent shading loss. However, as it seems, it actually also removes the module specific shading. How can this be? I would expect these two losses to be distinguishable and non-interactive. Appreciate any explanation, as I haven't been able to find an elaborate explanation elsewhere.
  4. I cannot for the love of god get this feature to work. I have tried now with 3DS and DAE Collada, which gives me error (see sceenshot). When I try STL, it also fails, but I don't get any error msg at all. It just loads the file, then gives me a blank dialogue with a question mark in it? Can you assist? I have tried another model .DAE which works, but then I get the error "No available surfaces for mounting". So the 3D model shows, but I cannot activate it. In PVsyst both models work without any problems...
  5. For anyone wondering about this problem: You need to activate the high performance rendering, applying high perfomance settings to a specific application ( for PVsol). NVIDIA cards: In the Nvidia Settings under default GPU for applications(see attached screenshot). AMD cards: In the Amd settings, add applications under gaming/applications.. Best, Martin
  6. Hi, Whenever I try to use the 3D scene in PVsol 2018 (R4) it begins to load the scene with a progress bar, but upon completion the program freezes. I have tried uninstalling the GPU and installing newest drivers, uninstalling and re-installing PVsol, opening files in previous versions of PVsol, aso. Nothing seems to work. Do you know what might be causing this or any suitable solutions?
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