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    Hi. Is it possible to calculate shading losses for whole string of modules? I'll give you example: - 10 modules, 9 of them no shading 0%, 1 of them has 99.7% (1 modul is under additional roof): - I would expect 100% losses due to 1 string connection. The thing is that simulation calculates it as only 10% loss! In reality I'll have 0 kWh, on the simulation results I have 2500 kWh. Any idea how to force PV Syst to calculate string shading insted of one module shading?
  2. Good point James. I've also tried Sketchup with .dae but unfortunately PVSol crashed every second attempt. I guess there are still some problems with complex building and large objects from Sketchup. PVSol has tendency to missing some parts of the objects (i.e. part of the roof or edge). I hope R2 will improve 3D import. For now I'll try to check another data formats, maybe .dea is the one with problems.
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