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Battery won't display on production forecast


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I'm experiecing a problem in PVsol. I've chosen a 10kw Inverter with a 10kw battery, but after i chosen the battery it will not display anything at all in the production forecast. I've had this problem before when chosing other inverters and batteries before. This battery is the same manufactioner as the inverter and is 100% compatible so I dont really know what the problem is. Anybody that can help me? :)


I attached the PVsol file if anybody wants to see the settings

EKESLUNDA 132 - string inverter.pvprj

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Hello Williamt,

thanks for sharing your question.

There is no 'Battery Charge' row in the 'Production Forecast' section of the presentation because the system you have created is a DC coupled one. In this case the modules, inverters and batteries are considered as one coherent unit and the energy from the battery is already included under the position 'PV Generator Energy (AC grid) with battery'.

Nonetheless, you can see the charge and discharge of the battery in the 'Energy Flow Graph' on the results site or in the presentation.


Kind regards


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