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Feed-in clipping still affects battery SoC

Michiel Willemse

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In a case with PV and a battery the export power is limited to 0kW by feed-in clipping. The battery is charged/discharged according to a time schedule. Discharging of the battery is limited due to feed-in clipping, but it still affects the SoC. Therefore the battery is charged with energy from the grid more than it should.

In the screenshots it's visible that the battery SoC is significantly reduced even though most of the power is clipped. The C10 of the battery is 462,3kWh, so the 3,7kWh discharge for consumption should only be 0,008 of the SoC but the change is much higher (although not exactly 86.281/462,3).

In the annual figures it is also visible that as a result too much energy is imported from the grid: 243.000kWh consumption, 77.577kWh direct own use, but still 217.390kWh import from grid.

Do I see this right? If yes, could that be fixed in the software?

Schermafbeelding 2024-04-13 000707.png

Schermafbeelding 2024-04-13 001018.png


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Hi Michiel Willemse,

please excuse my late reply.

Without insight into the project file, it is difficult to find out the reasons for the high grid import. Could you send us the project file? As I won't be back in the office until May 13, the best way to do this is by phone or email to our hotline, whose contact details can be found here:


Kind regards


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Hi Michiel,

I'm sorry that I'm replying late and that you haven't heard back from us yet.

Your email was accidentally marked as processed and was not noticed.

However, a colleague from the hotline is looking into it and you will receive a reply shortly.

Kind regards


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