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Financial Analysis_electric vehicle

Fred Pacheco

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When I am investigating the financial analysis of a photovoltaic system with an electric vehicle, I realize that the tariff for the energy generated is only considered when the system charges simultaneously with the operation of the generator (operation during the day). If I select to charge this vehicle at night, the calculation system considers the value of the local utility's energy tariff, but without considering that the value used for this may come from the credits generated by the injected energy (Surplus Feed-in ). Is there a way to adjust any parameters to adapt this analysis?

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Hi Fred Pacheco,

thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, the presentation in the "Simulation" table and in the "Energy Flow Graph" on the results page are not ideal for the visualization of net metering, because in the case of net metering the entire PV energy is actually fed into the grid and the PV energy is not consumed directly as the table/graph presents it. It is shown better in the "Financial analysis" section under "Energy supply account", where the savings in kWh correspond to the total electricity produced if the total consumption was higher than the electricity produced.



If I understand the situation correctly you don't have to adjust any parameters. The consumption of the electric vehicle should be covered as much as possible by PV energy (first the general consumption is covered and what remains is consumed by the cars battery). However, the real process is indirect, because all the pv energy is first fed into the grid to be credited later.

If there are still unclear issues, please feel free to send us your project file by private message in this forum so that we can take a closer look at the configuration and results.

You can also find more information in our online help (below under the bullet point "Net Metering"): https://help.valentin-software.com/pvsol/en/pages/financial-analysis/

Kind regards


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