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Heating Requirement Is Not Covered In Geot*sol



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This can have various causes.

Hot water priority circuit block the heating:

Even if the performance of the heat pump and the heating element can satisfy the heating load together, it may be that due to the domestic hot water (DHW) priority circuit not enough energy is delivered to the heating circuits . Domestic hot water circulation losses can increase the energy consumption in addition.

=> Check the domestic hot water heating: DHW temperature, size of the heat pump and the heating element and the limits of operation of the heat pump, size of the DHW standby tank.

Monovalent operation mode:

In the monovalent operation mode, the heat pump must deliver all of the energy. If the source temperatures are outside the operating limits, the heat pump is turned off and supplies the heating circuits thus insufficient ( e.g. due to frozen ground when using geothermal collectors or extremely cold ambient air when using air heat pumps). This effect may also occur on a daily basis in the fall, if a low heating demand is present at times with high source temperatures.

= > Operate the heat pump monoenergetic with a heating element.

=> Define a custom heat pump (a copy of an existing heat pump in the database) and adjust the operating limits.

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